New Feature: Streamlined Free Job Board Link Retrieval

In our latest update, we've made it easier than ever to manage your job postings. Now, within the Manatal platform, you can effortlessly retrieve links to help you locate your job postings on popular free job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed.

Not only does this feature help confirm the publication status of your jobs, but it also provides insights into potential issues that may affect visibility.


Resume Upload Retains Original File Name

We've implemented an update that preserves the original name of uploaded resumes within the system. This enhancement ensures that all versions of resumes can be easily located, simplifying the process of managing multiple versions.


Introducing SMS Messaging in Manatal

We are excited to announce the release of a new feature for Manatal: SMS messaging. This powerful addition enables you to effortlessly communicate with your candidates via text messages, ensuring you stay connected, especially when recruiting for roles where candidates might not regularly check their emails.

Now, you can send and receive text messages directly from your Manatal Inbox, streamlining your communication process.

To begin using this feature, follow these easy steps, or watch the video below:

  1. Enable the SMS feature

  2. Top up your SMS balance

  3. Set up a phone number

  4. Start sending SMS

We hope this new feature enhances your recruiting experience and helps you maintain effective communication with your candidates.

Please note that, at present, the SMS messaging feature covers the US and Canada. If you would like to request SMS support for your country, please contact us at


New Integration: WorkDigital (HRMS)

We are excited to announce the launch of our integration with WorkDigital. This will allow you to send your candidates from Manatal directly to WorkDigital in a few clicks.

For setting up the integration, simply navigate to the integrations menu and enable the integration.

  • Learn more about WorkDigital on their website

  • Start sending your candidates from Manatal to WorkDigital by following these steps


New Free Job Board: AviationCV (Aviation)

Happy to introduce an exciting new feature - a seamless integration with AviationCV, a global leader in the aviation recruitment industry. With this fresh addition, we're extending the reach of your recruitment process. Post your job openings on AviationCV at no cost and get ready to receive potential candidates, all directly within Manatal.


New Custom Field Type: Contacts

We're introducing custom dropdown and multi-select dropdown contact fields in Manatal. Now, you can easily link jobs, candidates, and other objects with Contacts (such as hiring managers) for a more efficient recruitment workflow. Enjoy this streamlined experience today!


Generate Microsoft Teams Meeting Links in Manatal

With our recent update, you can create meeting links using Microsoft Teams when setting up Activities in Manatal. This integration seamlessly connects with your Office 365 account.

Important Note: To take advantage of this integration, you need an active Microsoft Teams subscription.

Once your account is integrated with Outlook 365 and you have a valid Microsoft Teams subscription, Manatal will generate MS Teams meeting links while creating Activities. The generated link will then synchronize with Microsoft Teams in the meeting invitation.


New Integration: Omni HR (HRMS)

We are excited to announce the launch of our integration with Omni HR. This will allow you to send your candidates from Manatal directly to OmniHR in a few clicks.

To enable the integration, simply navigate to the integrations menu.

  • Learn more about Omni HR on their website

  • Start sending your candidates from Manatal to Omni HR by following these steps


New Integration: Adobe Sign (Document Signing)

Document processing is a crucial component of recruitment procedures, encompassing tasks such as creating offer letters, agreements, and handling visas, among others. Often, these documents necessitate signatures in compliance with specific requirements.

To streamline and enhance this process, we've taken a step to enable direct document signing within Manatal. Through our newly launched integration, this becomes a reality. Manatal now seamlessly integrates with Adobe Sign, empowering you to facilitate document signatures (e-signatures) conveniently, all within the Manatal platform.

Once Adobe Sign is integrated, you gain the ability to effortlessly request e-signatures for documents from candidates. This also includes the option for your company's team to provide counter signatures, whether for individual documents or in larger bulk operations.

The documents that are requested and successfully signed can be effortlessly accessed directly within Manatal, neatly organized within the attachments tab of candidate profiles for your convenience.


Track all Dates of Pipeline Movements

Until recently, you were limited to tracking only a handful of significant dates in the hiring pipeline, like when a candidate received an offer or was hired/placed. However, thanks to our recent update, we now enable you to monitor every movement within the pipeline in real time, regardless of where you move a match to.

This enhancement empowers you to effortlessly identify each date of pipeline stage change as it occurs, accessible within the Match Details pop-up.

It's worth noting that this enhancement is accompanied by a minor redesign of the match details pop-up, enhancing the presentation of information for easier comprehension.